Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh..The unsolved mysteries

Yesterday I was walking to a temple where I saw a big lorry purposefully coming as though to hit me. I was wondering why. I am not a gorgeous heroine and have no hero, with 1 or 1+ villians trying to win me and arrange such an accident for me. By that time, it already came so close to me that I made turns and slides like our Action heroine Vijayshanthi (Used to be my fav.) to escape that. Finally I did. But the stunts seemed illogical to me that even in such deep sleep I realized its just a dream and woke up with a thud. This happened yesterday.

And day before, my sister gets ferocious and walks out of home and goes into a river. It doesnt seem like she is attempting suicide or something, more so seemed like pulling me for a task that I hate to do. Yes I hate to walk in waters. To be more clear, am afraid to. Still, she is my ever loving darling sister, that I go deep into that river and pull her and ask her to come back. She never seemed to resist too. It was as though she was having a peaceful walk and me like a big saviour went ahead and pulled her out assuming she is attempting something. Again that was a dream.

And the other night my whole street was deserted and there comes a big lion. And I am instructing all to hide in places I show.
I only wish I am really brave as that in reality too..

To top it all, weekends I used to have the utmost comedy.

I will be so very lazy to wake up and all the more lazy to do brushing. There are two mountanious tasks to do after I woke up, which in by itself is quite a big task. Brushing and Bathing. I cant explain in words how much lazy I will be to do them on weekends. But once I am up, I cant sit long wihtout brushing too. Huuufff that makes things so complicated. In essence, I hate to wake up early and brush and bath and cant wait to sit for my steaming cup of coffee. Brushing ! I just hate the time it takes. Somehow I use to wish why cant there be a machine to brush you. Edhu Edhuko kandupudikaranga, idhukku kandupudicha enna. (Many inventions are made, why cant one be done for this?).
Dont be amazed if one day there comes a machine for that, such stupidest thing would have been done by none other than me

I always have a dream that I am done quickly with my brushing and sitting in my table with steaming hot coffee. I try to take a sip of that hot coffee wondering unusually I had done my brushing bathing so quick today.. Just to find out am still in bed and all that is a dream.

Is this called, the slip between the cup and the lip?

And worst part is, I had even had the similar dreams for 2-3 times. For second time, I used to feel, 'comeon no dream can occur twice, you are really up and done wiht it and now here it is, enjoi your coffee'. But Noooooooooooo its again a dream and am still in the bed. :(

I am tired of these dreams. From today I am going to try switching places and check if there are any change in my dreams. Good luck to me !

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Retrospect on the tiny Pleasures

Remembering W.H Davies words 'What is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare"

Unknowingly I started retrospecting on the tiny pleasures that we crossed in life..Being busy with the fast track life, sometimes we miss the little little pleasures of life.

I was just trying to remember those kutty kutty pleasures.Rewinding back my life a little, these were the little little things that comes to top of my mind.

- Early morning strong filter coffee with a news paper. {Coffee should have the foam, its very important..

- Happy to catch a half empty PTC bus to school. {There are days, I missed several buses and came back home saying, Ma, could not get the bus, so today leaveeeeeeee :)

- The long wait for Games period. {Though I am not a great sport..

- Watering the plants in the garden, Somehow I feel whenever I water them, there will be a mild breeze { I used to assume nature is thanking me for the water ;)

- Sitting by the window and watching the heavy rain {while the frog making up the background music.

- Eagerly watching news for schools to be declared holiday due to rain. {Thats the only season I was eager about news..

- Distributing choclates to whole class during birthday.

- Un uniform declared after festival days. { An escape from boring uniform and mainly the Two Plaits :)

- Going out of station for Annual holidays and extensive playing with cousins.

- Every year school results, the few minutes thrill of opening the inland cover and seeing 'PROMOTED' :) even though we know we will pass.

- When mom makes hot hot Bajji during Rainy days.

- Travelling 30 mins in company bus listening to Radio Mirchi. {I ll never feel like getting down, wish it continues another 30 mins..

- After checking the office mails, finding out there is less work to do for the day :)

- T time chat with friends.

- Yearning for sunday's potato fry and onion sambar.

- Hot crispy potato chips with a favourite novel during weekends.

- Getting onto a leather coat and having a pleasant walk when its snowing lightly.

And sure there are many more, but right now, these are the one that strikes on top of my mind and gives me a big wide smile on my face while I remember them fondly

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My first pizza. Looks great, tastes great.