Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Oh man Life is full of troubles..issues...problems.Whatever we do, some or the other issues. By the way whats the difference between Trouble ..Issue..Problem? Whatever be, Hell they make me feel so sad and bad...
God, cant you please let me in peace for sometime. Why are you dumping me with so much of troubles, after all I am good, Ok, Ok...after all I am not sooo bad. Please give me a breakkkkkkkkkkk.

Hmm...Somehow sometimes it seems, life is all troubles...And this blog is rather a self talk to myself..Here I am, one day cursing my life, one day trying to be optimistic and one day sobbing over things and wishing one day I ll be out of this trouble soon..and may be wait for the next :) :(

Problems are part of life. Life comes with a package. And we have to take it as a "package", with all the positives and negatives in it. One cannot possibly have all positives. Its just a mix of things. If you are relishing the positives of the package, as well, cope up with the negatives.

There are few things that you can control over life, few things u do not have control. Mind the ones where u have control and the rest, just wait and watch, for you dont have control over them.

Be your own judge and be right to yourself, follow your heart it will definitely show you the right direction.

Never have too many threads in your mind and think about everything, solve one by one. Take one thing at a time, analyze and find a solution and move to next.

Never lose temper, never lose patience. Ok this is too much, Try to be little more patient and composed.

Stop imagining consequences of the problem, it is true we all are soo good in imagination that we always imagine ourselves getting into worst consequences. Not even by chance they can happen in reality, but often it does in our imagination. The imaginary fears are very very dangerous, they slowly slowly make u a negative person. Have confidence and be optimistic. Positive thoughts can create wonders.

Try to stand out of the problem as a third person and try understanding and solving it. It eliminates the emotional pressure on you.

So does problems makes us weaker or stronger?. Hmm, It makes us pretty much weaker as long as the problem is active and once it is resolved, may be it makes us stronger with the lessons that it has imparted in us. It is true that we feel that we had grown a bit stronger after crossing each struggles in life.

They say God gives you, only the troubles that you can handle. So may be we can handle it..

Come on gear up, everyone has problems, you can soon be out of it...Now dont be so frowning, for god's sake it will make the face look too bad..

And finally whatever happens, Life will move on....Never worry..Be brave.